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The Grand Atlas Kit

The Grand Atlas Kit

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Calling All Kings! This four-piece set will take care of men’s scruff, beards, and skin and make them feel as grand as the Atlas Mountains!

Why It’s For Your Journey

  • Men can maintain their beards and skin in four steps. 
  • First, the Top of the Morning Soap will decongest your pores. Did we forget to mention that it'll stop ingrown hairs? With its three featured ingredients, this soap will nourish and clear your skin.
  • The next step would be the Ghassoul Clay Mask, which dries out sebum, toxins, and wastes clogging the face! Use this mask once a week. 
  • Tone your skin with our Brightening Rose Water with Nila Toner! Its antioxidants and minerals will replenish and brighten your skin. 
  • Finally, use our Hangtime Hair Oil to promote that hair growth and let time do the rest! 

Quality Control

All Products Are Handmade In Small Batches to ensure quality.

Klean Ingredients

All Skincare products are natural, and made with Grade A cosmetic ingredients.


Orders ship daily. Depending on volume of orders, your order will shipped 3-10 business days after purchase.

Your Impact

Supporting us means supporting our female cooperative in Southern Morocco and the young artisan glass makers that make our jars. Supporting us means supporting your skin, your mental well-being and communities across the globe 🌎 

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Customer Reviews

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I cannot put into words how life changing her products are!!

My girl and I have independently had terrible experiences with finding the proper product combinations to create a healthy skin based on our complexion. We’ve seen more progress in 2 weeks with the Grand Atlas Kit + Blue Nila than we have our entire lives. Yas is a true healer with products that work!!!

We will continue shopping and providing support as long as her doors are open.

Love ya G keep up the great work!❤️‍🔥