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About Us

Inspired by belief that one person has the power to heal themselves and by extension the whole world, I created Yas' Apothecary to do just that. For my people, taking care of ourselves through wellness products and holistic practices is revolutionary. 

Yas’ Apothecary was born after a long period of soul searching. Before lockdown orders were in place, I knew I was entering a transformational period in my life. I felt like the world I thought I knew and understood was ending. I found myself wondering if what I have accomplished in my time here was enough. The answer was no. 

I learned that all of our mentalities are learned behaviors. Conversely, any negative behavior or mentality can be unlearned. What you focus on, and devote your time to, is what you align yourself with and what the universe will align you with. Our truths are all dependent on our realities. Our realities are dependent on our point of view. We are in control of ourselves, and how we choose to see things and let them affect us. Therefore, we are in control of our truths.

Spending weeks in complete solitude; reading, journaling, and meditating helped me realize my purpose. I was born to bring about healing through being my most authentic self and inspiring others to do the same. I decided to couple my self-care recipes with my intention and purpose to heal to start building a healing empire. 

Every single one of my products is all natural and handcrafted. So far, I’ve created an inventory of soaps, toners, perfume oils, and hair growth oils. I imagined a future where my set intention while creating these products in addition to the natural healing properties of consciously selected ingredients truly alleviates some degree of internal or external pain for my customers and supporters.

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Best skin care products I’ve ever bought , literally worth every penny …. definitely will be shopping here again 🤞🏾!


If anything the collection will make your skin smooth and silky!


I used one of your soaps you recommended for men with patchy beards. As a result, not only is my beard looking and feeling better but my face is much clearer.


I used one of your soaps recommended for men with patchy beards and I can honestly say it has done exactly what it needed to do. Not only is my beard feeling and looking better, my face is also much clearer.


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