Practice Self-Love This Valentine's Day

Practice Self-Love This Valentine's Day

You know Yas 🅰️🅿️ is all about self-care and self-love.  With Valentine’s Day here, we encourage everyone to take special time for themselves today and everyday. This time can be especially hard for people who recently got out of a relationship, struggle to find stable relationships whether romantic or platonic and people who have lost the ones they love.  Don’t lose hope, love is everywhere, especially within yourself.

Think about your younger self.  You did what made you feel good. You played with toys, watched television and took that piece of candy your parents told you not to.  As we got older this changed and we now tend to prioritize other people’s happiness over our own. But that stops TODAY 🗣. What does love mean to you? What makes you happy? What makes you feel good? 

To learn the best ways to date yourself, consider taking this Love Language Quiz. You'll gain more perspective about what matters to your mind, heart and soul.  Not everyone is aware that our desire for physical touch, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts and/or words of affirmation can be fulfilled by our own actions.  For example, your desire for physical touch can be fulfilled by spending time doing your skincare routine or dancing in the mirror.  We do not need to rely on others to feel loved, that’s the bottom line.

We asked our Yas 🅰️🅿️ team what love is to them, their love languages and their ideal self date ideas:

Our CEO, Yasmin: “Love to me is compassion, understanding, innerstanding, consideration and trust. Love is as love does!”

Self  Date Idea: Long showers + New Girl + Trader Joe’s Coffee ice cream😎

Nise: “Love to me is mutual respect, patience, and compatibility!"

My love language is physical touch and proper quality time, it’s the power duo for the best memories and bond for me. 

Bianca: “Love means wanting to see a person grow and seeing the good qualities in them. Even if they may have some flaws, which we all do, you are able to love them. You can also love someone even if you have to let them go”.

Self Date Idea:  A spa day, you get pretty and you take yourself out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Those are things that make me feel good and that I don’t do super often but would also not mind doing alone :)

Begai: “Love to me is a feeling in your core that just feels like home no matter where you are. I feel that when I’m around family or my friends or my boyfriend and it can overwhelm my whole body sometimes”.

My love language is definitely acts of service because it’s the little things that matter and show me that you’re listening to me when I talk and you care to make my day better even if it’s just something small.

Deuce: “The best kind of love is self-love. That kind of affection is irreplaceable and is only positive for your spirit. Cherish your own presence”.

Dajanae: “Love is an equal, healthy commitment to yourself and your partner where you aren’t afraid to be honest and vulnerable with one another, and here boundaries are respected. It’s coming home to a warm space, where the energy and space is just right for you to love yourself. It helps to come home to someone in that space who loves you too”.

Self-Date Idea: I would take myself to get a pedicure first, then go to a nice restaurant. Afterward, I would take a hot bath and give myself a facial (high frequency, facial steamer and all). 

My main love languages are physical touch and quality time.  My ideal self-date is one that I brought to life a few months ago.  I had a couple of rough weeks at school and one Sunday I decided I had enough.  I did my Sunday self-care routine then took myself out for breakfast at a local restaurant.  It was so peaceful and fulfilling. Taking that time for myself was a great reset and put me in a better headspace for the week to come.  I encourage everyone to do this, it will mean so much to you in hindsight, trust me.

There are so many ways to show yourself love and compassion.  If Valentine’s Day brings your mood down, try one of the examples above and see how it makes you feel! This Valentine’s Day, be kind to yourself.


Yas 🅰️🅿️ Team

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