Meet Lauryn

Meet Lauryn

Brooklynite, Manager of the Yas🅰️🅿️ Blog and future Journalist.


I am Lauryn Hayes, one of Yas’ Apothecary’s proud marketing interns and the manager of our blog.  I am from Brooklyn, New York, repping the best neighborhood, Bed-Stuy.  I am a sophomore in college, majoring in Communication and Peace and Justice with a focus on Journalism.  Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I am excited for the opportunity to share my passion with members of the 🅰️🅿️ ️Army through conversations about skincare and self-care.


My skincare journey has been a tough one. Acne-prone skin is hereditary in my family, along with eczema. Since I was young, I’ve had itchy and dry skin that leads to breakouts and discoloration. I’m also one of many who hit puberty early, so I had to toughen up mentally and learn to cope with “imperfect” skin earlier than some of my peers.


Through my skincare journey, I learned that there is no such thing as perfect skin.  There is only skin that is cared for and skin that is not.  I have embraced the reality that my skin may never fit the “perfect” standard, but as long as it meets my standard of being hydrated, smooth, and taken care of, that is all that matters.


During 2019, I began to pay closer attention to my products' ingredients and their effects on my skin  after I realized my results were inconsistent.  I learned the brands I used, such as Dr. Bronner’s, TreeHut, and St. Ives, had ingredients that did the opposite of what I needed for my skin. So, when Yas’ Apothecary launched in 2020 I was beyond excited because (1) I know Yasmin personally and seeing her, a black woman, launch a business MID-PANDEMIC had me rooting for her like no tomorrow. (2) My New Year’s resolution was to begin supporting more black businesses. (3) Yasmin’s commitment to making all-natural products that catered to my skin's needs like dryness, discoloration, and frequent breakouts made me all the more ready and secure in my decision to give her all my coins.


Using Yas’ Apothecary has proven to me that there are products that will work to improve my skin without breaking the bank or allowing toxic ingredients to contaminate my body (yes, anything your skin absorbs eventually reaches your blood too!).  My favorite product that I stan is the Turmeric and Seamoss Soap because it has ingredients that cater to my skin’s needs. Since using it consistently, I’ve seen the discoloration on my chest and back has fade and I get way less breakouts on my face and body.  But don’t just take my word for it; take our Skincare Quiz to get your personalized skin care regimen based on your skin’s concerns and decide for yourself.


Thanks for getting to know me. I look forward to getting to know you all!


P.S. If you’re from New York, comment below repping your borough 👀!

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