Meet Court: Mother, Sister, Healer

Meet Court: Mother, Sister, Healer

My name is Courtney, I'm a Taino girl raised in Brooklyn, New York. Now a mother, holistic healer/midwife trainee, and advocate for the indigenous community. These days I’ve found it hard to identify myself outside of motherhood because it has consumed my whole world, but as I come back into my higher mind, I am reminded by my ancestors that mother work is the most dutiful service to the collective. Not only am I a mother to my daughter but I am a mother to all of my people. Women are the first teachers, first nurses, first cooks, and first counselors. We are the foundations of civilizations. So I advocate for my community by raising up my progeny and becoming the master of my own health and wellness.

Growing up, I have always been skeptical of western healthcare so a lot of my lifestyle is in rebellion of that. Through holistic healing modalities, I’ve learned how to heal myself from dis-ease and malfunction and shifted my existence into purity. One of my proudest testimonials was the healing of my reproductive system. As I turned over to celibacy, cut off red meat and artificial food, and transitioned completely to a raw food diet with the consumption of herbs regularly; I went from having fibroids that caused immense pain and physical and emotional complications to a functioning and fertile reproductive system. After 2 years of discipline, my menstrual cycle lightened, decreased in the length of days, and became painless. These are conditions that I’ve only experienced on a clean holistic regimen. I became fertile and full of vitality. This vitality supported my prenatal and postnatal health as I continued to guide my life holistically. My persona transitioned into this sort of Health guru. Much of my old self shed and died off and I began to attract individuals and opportunities that aligned with true health and wellness. Ironically, I met the beautiful Yas through a conversation about the dangers of birth control. I was even more inspired by her work, to learn that self-care is a lifestyle. Better yet, It's a science and should have rhythm in our everyday lives.

The freedom of healing myself empowered me to go to school for Holistic Healing and share it with my people as a service. This is my life purpose. To reintroduce and make normal again traditional healing. I look forward to sharing more about my journey in hopes of empowering you guys to take control of your health and well-being. 

Courtney Wahab

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This is so beautiful! & to know you makes it so much more beautiful ! Your testimony is meant to be told and your work is meant to be seen & done! I am just really proud reading this!


Beautiful story, my physical external & internal health has been something that I’ve been tapping into more lately.. and this has inspired me even more. #Womenareamazingggg


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