2,000+ orders, 2022 Recap, Looking Forward

2,000+ orders, 2022 Recap, Looking Forward

Never would I have imagined being able to change this many lives with products I created by hand and recipes passed down to me through generations. When I started Yas Apothecary in July 2020 I knew absolutely nothing about running or scaling a business. Two years later and it’s safe to say I am still learning and growing every day.

After several failed partner ships, thousands of dollars down the drain and an array of marketing mishaps, the average person may have thrown in the towel a while ago. Throughout the trails and tribulations of 2022, I would reaffirm to myself “This is my season of preparation.” The season to make mistakes, try new things and most importantly learn.

And learn I did. As I increased communication with my customers via emails, text messages and dms, I learned more about what it meant to build transparency, trust and community. I began to fine-tune my ability to listen to  what my customers wanted and needed. I encouraged myself to work smarter, not harder. Instead of spending money on new products when I felt business was begining to slow down, I learned to market what was still in my inventory. Instead of looking for new customers to sell to, I learned that what I truly valued was keeping the customers I already had feeling valued and satisfied. Every step of the way, your anecdotes and reviews kept me going. Stories of our soaps clearing your skin and uplifting your confidence. Rejoice as our Hangtime Hair Growth Oil grew your locs just pass the length you could never seem to surpass. Wearing our perfumes with certainty that you would be showered with compliments every time you walked out the house. When times got tough I grounded myself in the purpose of my brand. To encourage others to take care of themselves and uplift their confidence. You guys helped me never loose sight of that.

It is safe to say our season of preparation has payed off. From getting featured in our first publication, to adding 3 new products to the collection to building our first team of 8 interns. 2022 has been one hell of a journey. In the last couple of months, we have begun to ship orders faster than ever. We secured our 2,000 th sale on Shopify and began to plan what’s to come for the new year.

I am beyond blessed and grateful to everyone who has supported my business over the last 2+ years. I am especially grateful for all my customers family members who steal their products🤣 When I go in my friends and families houses and see my products on your vanities and in your showers my heart burns with pride. You guys have encouraged me to think bigger and believe in myself and Yas Apothecary. It is because of you and your families that I know Yas Apothecary will become a household name. 

As I say goodbye to the year of preparation I am dubbing 2023 as the year of planning and execution. Expect us to go bigger and better, further increase communication while still delivering the same high quality, effective products you and your family love. I am delighted that you have decided to take part in witnessing our journey.



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