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Valley of the Rose Kit

Valley of the Rose Kit

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A moisturizing skincare kit that soothes dry skin.

Why It’s For Your Journey

  • Achieve moisturized skin in four steps! 
  • First, our Niara Rose Hydrating Black Soap will alleviate dry skin with its rose extracts. Rose is a natural hydrator, giving your skin the moisture and refreshment it needs! 
  • Big tip? Use our Kessa Exfoliating Gloves with this soap for more potent effects on your skin. 
  • Our soaps allow your skin to absorb mask and moisturizers better! Take it up a notch with our Niara Rose Ghassoul Clay Mask. It also has rose extract, giving your skin more moisture without making it too oily.  Use this mask once a week.
  • Spritz your skin with the Brightening Rose Water with Blue Nila Toner. Say yes to toned and brightened skin, as it treats blackheads, acne, and other skin irritations. 
  • Finally, use our 100% Pure Argan Oil to seal that moisture you worked so hard to build onto your skin. 

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Customer Reviews

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Dry Skin Set

These two products are amazing together! I love the way the black soap feels on my face, the scent is amazing and I feel so clean throughout the day afterwards. The mask works really well too I’m in love w them.

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