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Noor Lavender Soap for Combination Skin

Noor Lavender Soap for Combination Skin

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Unwind after a long day with our Noor Lavender Set! This lavender-infused soap packs a gentle punch to clean your skin while moisturizing it.

About the Product: A castile soap with lavender extract that cleanses the skin and leaves a balance in the skin’s moisture barrier, working well for combination skin. 

Skin Type and Concerns: Combination Skin

Formulation: Soap Paste

Featured Ingredients: 

Moroccan black soap: A high-alkaline castile soap made from olive oil and softened olives with a gel-like consistency. Rids the body of toxins and heals the skin with moisture. 

Lavender Oil: Balances your skin’s moisture barrier, working not to make your skin too oily or too dry. 

What Else Is There to Know: Traditional Moroccan Black Soap has been used for centuries as a ritual cleansing tradition. Its high contents of vitamins A, D, E, iron, copper, and calcium work to soften, cleanse, and moisturize the skin. Lavender oil is a naturally calming oil, soothing and healing the skin that’s been irritated. It also doesn’t make your skin too oily or too dry.  

Key Benefits of Lavendar:

☂️Moisturizing properties: It doesn’t make your skin too oily or too dry.  
☂️Anti-inflammatory properties: You can soothe and destress your skin from the harsh environmental elements, like the sun and wind.
☂️Antioxidants A, C, and E: Protect your skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots! 

    How to use:

    Using our Black Soap and Exfoliating glove daily will unclog pores, even out skin tone and allow your skin to better absorb masks and moisturizers. 

    Run a hot shower, and let your bathroom accumulate steam for 5-10 minutes. Once the steam begins to open up your pores, coat your body in an even layer of Moroccan black soap. Work your wet exfoliating glove in a back and forth movements across the skins surface. Don't be alarmed by spaghetti like rolls appearing, that is an accumulation of dead skin and dirt being removed! Rinse thoroughly. For best results, use in conjunction with our Ghassoul Clay Mask.

    Note :
    • Avoid contact with eyes and lip
    • Exfoliating black soap is suitable for all skin types
    • After using the Moroccan Black Soap and exfoliating glove you can hydrate your body with drops of Moroccan Argan Oil or your moisturizer of choice.
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Holy Grail

        Love using this soap with the kessa glove once a week. It makes my skin feel sooooo smooth!

        Christopher Williamson
        Don’t sleep!

        This soap is great. I love washing myself with this after a long day because the lavender is very aromatic and leaves me feeling relaxed and very clean.

        Kristine Veras
        A new fave!!

        The multiuse soap lathers so well & a little goes a longgg way. Same for the mask. Not to mention the perfect packaging— mess free, easy to store— this is definitely my new fave and go to!! And it’s natural?! 10/10.

        Akilah Johnson

        I was a little indecisive at first about which set to go for for my skin type but this ended up working like magic for me. So much so, me and my moms be fighting over this stuff lol. I love that the black soap is a paste type texture, so whenever I’m ready to use it it’s never a hassle and you don’t even need that much. A little bit will definitely go a long way. This + the turmeric x seamoss soap bar, has helped many of my dark spots along my cheeks clear up beautifully. I would highly recommend this set if you have skin like me, that is often oily throughout the day but naturally oc dry.


        Not only does it a smell amazing, IT CLEARED UP MY SKIN IN LITERALLY A DAY. I have sensitive skin and can't just put anything on my skin or I break out and get hives. Guess who's skin loves this soap??
        This is legit u guys. Unless you traveling to Morocco on a regular basis, this is the realest it gets

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