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My body LOVES

I’m someone who has grown up with eczema and working through potential PCOS with scarring on my face from hair growth/acne. I bought this in hopes of having a calming soap to help with eczema flare ups and scarring. But also- like many others in 2022, I’ve been trying out new natural deodorants and with sensitive skin, rashes were inevitable. This soap helps quickly revert and calm my irritated under arms as well! Really great product that I will continue purchasing.

Used for a year and

All of my hyperpigmentation is gone! I started washing with this soap 1-2 times everyday and saw a difference within 2 weeks. The bar goes a long way and lasts a long time. I started wearing facial everyday sunscreen and it made the soap’s benefits more apparent. My skin has NEVER looked better and now I get compliments on how smooth and even in looks. Please never discontinue this product.

This product means very well, however I don't think it's good for some people with sensitive skin. I have a really bad case of eczema and its hard to use scented soaps/scrubs on my body. And as I been using this for the past month now my eczema effected areas are really dry/cracking up. It honestly seems like a really good product but just not for me!

Raven F. Review

Honestly, this soap is amazing. I have used it on my face every morning for the past 2 weeks and I am seeing really good results.

Hangtime Hair Oil
Leah Herbin

Hangtime Hair Oil

So refreshing!

This toner is super lightweight, refreshing, and helps to balance my skin!

Love this perfume!

I love carrying this perfume around in my bag when I need to touch up throughout the day! It smells amazing and the roll on packaging makes it quick and easy to use.

Marrakesh Mami
Kayla Rose

this roll on smells like heaven. easily applicable and always can fit in a purse or bag!


love this product, smells so good and i’ve received compliments wearing it.

Marrakesh Mami
Sydni Mullen
my new go-to

This scent is amazing and doesn’t come off too strong. I love to apply it right after the shower and I keep it in my purse everywhere I go!

Moroccan Ice Set
Sydni Mullen

This clay mask is truly amazing! It was so smooth and cooling, I will probably never use another mask again. The blue nile rose water was a dream!! It smelled so good and I felt so hydrated after using it!

Soooo Refreshinggg!!!

This toner feels so good on my face! It’s an extremely light mist but contributes to my glowing complexion. Honestly i spray some on my face before I go to sleep after a veryyy long day if i’m way too lazy to do my entire face wash routine. It keeps my skin fresh and ready to start my next day!

Smells so goood. Strong sweet smell. Little goes a long! 🥰


I needed new exfoliating gloves so I decided to give these a try, and they’re amazing. Since I’m use to exfoliating already I knew what to expect. However this one felt different and I see a different in some of my skin too. It feels great to use and gets great results!

My favorite soap so far!!

I usually only use black soap for my body but this has become my new obsession. It smells so good and feels great on my skin. I'm going to leave a later review once I start consistently using it for some months to see any differences on my blemishes!

A favorite

I LOVE this oil! Good quality and pure argan oil is hard to find, especially at an affordable price, so buying this wasn’t even a question. This oil feels so good on my skin and smells AMAZING. I wish there were bigger sizes available for purchase.

So versatile

The hangtime hair oil has improved hair growth on the scalp for both myself and my partner, as well as improving growth on his facial hair. The bottle makes the oil so easy to apply, never a worry about using too much.

Exactly what I needed

This glove exactly what it’s meant to do and works great with the black soap. It also dries quickly after use and is easy to travel with!

Love it

The rose water works great as a hydrating toner after I’ve cleansed my face, and smells so good. (I have combo skin). The mask is great for a full face and for spot treatment on breakouts.

An essential

I can always count on this mask to save my skin when I have a incoming breakout. This product smells so good! And my skin looks and feels so refreshed after using.

Connect My Beard Combo
Javon Stephenson
Connect My Beard!!!

This is the ONLY product that has helped me grow out my beard so far. Smells incredible (lots of compliments), and it just feels and works great! 10/10 recommend and will be buying more!

Top tier

I make the moroccan ghassoul clay mask with blue nila rose water once a week. Must say it leaves my face feeling clean and rejuvenated.


I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SOAP. Literally will restock once I run out because this soap definitely cleared and brightened my scars on my face. I use this soap daily on my face and I love love love this product. what even is a Cerave atp. YALL get this soap!


I loveeeee ittt. It thoroughly cleans my pores and makes my face squeaky clean. Like I noticed my pores have decreased in size. I have dry skin but I apply moisturizer afterwards. But the soap DOES THE MAGIC!