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Softening Niara Rose Ghassoul Clay Mask

Softening Niara Rose Ghassoul Clay Mask

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Say goodbye to rough, patchy and irritated skin with our Softening Niara Rose Mask! Rich in magnesium, this mask works to detoxify the skin and leave it soft and smooth. Paired with rose extract to add more moisture to your skin.

Featured Ingredients: 
  • Moroccan ghassoul clay: Dries out sebum, toxins, and wastes clogging the face and body. It also leaves your skin soft and smooth. 
  • Rose extract: A natural hydrator, giving your skin the refreshment and moisture it needs. It also has astringent properties, clearing the skin without drying it out. High in hydrosol, which has a calming effect on the skin to reduce redness. 
Key Benefits Of Rose:

🌹 Hydrate your skin: Rosewater and oil naturally provide hydration. Once used, it can clear and balance your skin’s natural oils.

🌹 Can calm and soothe your skin: The hydrosol in rose water and oil have a soothing effect on your skin. It can even reduce redness! 

🌹Minimize wrinkles and fine lines: Vitamins A, C, D, and E are natural antioxidants, which reduce and counteract free radical production. In turn, these antioxidants minimize those fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use:

Using this product once a week will unclog pores, even skin tone and allow your skin to better absorb moisturizers. 

After clarifying and exfoliating with the Moroccan Black Soap and exfoliating glove, apply a thin, even layer of the clay mask to desired area (skin, hair or body). Let the mask sit for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Seal in moisture with a couple drops of Argan Oil. Repeat once a week.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      Pulled so much out of my face and my skin looks so much clearer & smoother. Doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

      Lauryn Hayes

      I neglected my skincare routine for a whole month and once I got my sh*t together, I started using this mask 3x a week and the difference is amazing, my skin is clearing up, feels smoother and of course super moisturized. I use this on my face and body! I purchased the try me size to start off but, I WILL be getting the bigger size for sure.

      Lourdes Monteiro
      Do. Not. Sleep.

      I used it after using the naira rose soap and wow. I used argan oil after washing it off before lotion and WOW. my body is so smooth and soft and my face feels so smooth. I haven’t tried it in my hair yet but I don’t doubt it’s gas fr.

      The best

      Wow, let me just say it got rid of my scars within 5-7 days rest and water is essential of course but I used the niara rose clay mask, the seamoss soap, and the rose water! I usually never can find products that won’t mess my skin up more, but these products definitely pulled out the flaws and made them diminish and I was able to see a difference everyday rats it 5/5 10/10!!

      I loved this!

      I’ve been using black soap for years and while it’s soo good it always leaves my skin soo dry :( , however this ROSE BLACK SOAP was by far the most hydrating black soap I have ever used . My skin feels clean with no over- drying. I used the soap on my face and body. It also smells so nice! Since I’ve finished it I’ve noticed a more even skin tone and some dark spots I had have gone completely. Will buy again ✨