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Smell Goodz Pack
Janise Pinkney
Head turners!

Let me just say I've loved every scent so far from the perfume oil collection and I use them for every occasion. I just recently put on Trick or Treat at the gym and people have to stop me in my tracks just to tell me I smell so good! Even at work I put on Secret Sauce and my coworkers are like woww you smell so good, what are you wearing? Of course I plug them in to Yas AP. THANKS SO MUCH YAS!!

Everyday thing!

Only thing I use for my body exfoliation! Works like a charm and isn’t too rough on the skin.

Marrakesh Mami
Dawnya G.
head over heels for this perfume, fr

I don’t think I have good words to describe how I fell in love with this scent the first time I tried it on, but I’ll try to find some! It’s strong in some ways but also light enough to wear every day. It layers beautifully as well.

Him - Cologne
Dawnya G.
in love with this cologne.

I cannot believe this cologne smells so good. It lasts FOREVER and every time I smell it on me I start swooning (over myself!!). It blends so well with Marrakesh Mami and other perfumes that I have. It’s different from any other cologne I’ve tried, and I love that. Highly recommend you buy this, no matter who you are. This will have you smelling more than good.


Rlly love the scent, smells like wealth but im so broke !!

Him - Cologne
Ronald Strickland
Amazing scent

I absolutely love this scent and I’m so happy I bought two given it’s limited edition but this needs to be sold indefinitely it smells so good. And it’s a very affordable price that I would consistently buy it. It’s a very firm and manly scent that smells new and not like the stuff our Dad’s and grandfathers would wear. I really like this one!

Him - Cologne
Nigel W
Fantastic scent.

The ingredients are extremely well curated. It’s a unique, elegant scent that I would wear anywhere.

The Best Soap Hands Down

Not only does it smell good and lather really well, but it leaves your skin actually feeling clean. I use it twice a day every day and my skin has never felt or looked better. It completely evened out the tone of my skin and shrunk my pores. This soap is my holy grail! Cop up NEOW.


I used this oil while I had box braids in and it was amazing at keeping my scalp moisturized. It also immediately soothed any dryness or itchiness I had! Plus it smells so good so all around an amazing product that you MUST have.

3 months of growth

My hair Is actually the longest it’s been since childhood with the hangtime oil added to my hair care routine! I oil my scalp/cornrows with this once a week before putting on my wigs and within the first month of ussage I noticed a huge difference not just in speed of new growth but in the quality of my hair shaft. My hair is 3c/4a and can get very dry, this oil also helps with retaining moisture. I never even thought my hair could grow past bra length!!! 1 more year with this oil and I’m sure it’s gon reach my ass crack lmao!!!

Amazing hair treatment

Massaging this oil into your scalp feels like such a treat and self care ritual for your hair. I like how a little goes a long way, too. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to up their hair care routine. My hair grew beautifully and quickly within about 2-3 months of using it. this hair oil is one of my essentials now and i will definitely be repurchasing!

Best oil for your hair

I originally bought this oil for my boyfriend, but I started using it more than him and it really help moisture my hair. Definitely something I would buy again. If you’re looking for a great oil for your hair routine definitely try this out!

Body Butter
Navashia Brown
Body butter

I literally fell in love makes your skin feel amazing 💕


I love this oil so much!! It works wonders for my hair and smells gooood! I need a whole tub of it !

Secret Sauce
Elayzha Nakia
The soaps

Honestly! I got my soap from a giveaway basket ! And i don’t want to smell like anything but this soap! The scent is gorgeous it’s called “Secret Sauce” and i fake didn’t even wanna say that cause i want it to be my secret sauce 😂

It has not irritated my or my sons skin. So it is good for sensitive skin. It lathers well and most importantly i feel clean after use. 100% recommend and 100% will reup.

My only thing is i wishhhhh Yasapothecary was sold in bulkk. Like on some BJ’s tings. Packs of like 5 bars. Yas wassupp!

this was the first scent i tried and it’s amazing. i used to wear this everyday before i explored other scents from here. it’s the perfect amount of sweet. i wanna say it’s like a musk scent

i definitely use this for me and my babies when we’re sick. it really helps clear it out. gonna have to try it on eczema next


i have never switched from using this glove to exfoliate. it’s the right texture for the skin compared to gloves or other exfoliating tools that can be too rough or too soft. lasts a long while too

I haven’t used a better oil that made my hair grow as well as this. no exaggeration. i put quite a few ppl onto this and definitely make sure i reup when necessary

Marrakesh Mami
Indira Jackson
love it

i use this scent often and really love the fresh smell that it gives. it’s great

Smells Amazing

Secret Sauce is my go to scent. I carry it on me everyday and always get so many compliments on it (if you’re tryna impress someone, wear this). It smells great so definitely invest.

this the real wild hair growth oil yo

Bro. I did the big chop and my fro grew in so quick. Especially cause I been bleaching and dying my hair, I see new growth within days i lowkey be tight😭😭😭like damn shawtyyyy— can i get a SECOND ? Nah but this is works, coming from a 4c gyal🧏🏿‍♀️cop up

Amazing stuff!!!!

First off, the soap has a wonderful scent. I apply it all over my body after I shower as usual. My skin feels really smooth after using it. It also helps in clearing the dark spots I have on my legs. Will undoubtedly purchase more.

Exceptional Product!

My hair drinks up this product so much! I really appreciate the care that goes into creating this product. My hair absolutely loves it. I am so grateful I found Yas' products and am able to use them!

buy some or ur ashy

easily one of the easiest masks to take off i feel so glowy afterwards and hydrated.